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Everett, WA Web Design and SEO

Serving Everett and Surrounding Cities, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Arlington, Lynnwood

Is your site built in WordPress? Most Wordpress sites are bogged down with TONS of excess code and plug-ins and are SLOW TO LOAD on mobile devices -- in 2017 this can drastically hurt your rankings in Google. Read More ...

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Past web design clients include:


How to Boost Your Site's Rankings in Google

In 2017 You Need Specialized CSS Coding And Specialized SEO

I can give you fast-loading web pages on desktop and mobile browsers.

I can significantly boost your site's page read times in Google Analytics -- your site can quickly achieve higher search engine rankings over your competitors.

Is your site built in Wordpress? Most Wordpress sites are bogged down with TONS of excess code and plug-ins and LOAD EXTREMELY SLOW on mobiles -- I can fix this!

Ben Wells and Associates, WellsInjuryLaw.com

"... Ken Wilson did an excellent job of taking our vision from concept to reality, while also providing valuable suggestions as to what would improve the site's Google rankings. Ken's ideas have worked. Currently our site is top ranked for many of our search terms and it ranks near the top for many others. I would strongly recommend Ken Wilson and Aviso Media to anyone launching a website or to anyone who has a site that needs improvement..."

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Ben Wells | Ben Wells and Associates

How to Update Your Site with Specialized CSS
Already have a website? You can keep your current web design. My specialized work takes place behind the front-end design. But if you want to update your graphics, I or a graphic artist I work with can do that also.

My specialized work will be on the back-end, to ensure each page of your site loads fast and is fully responsive, and doesn't slow down on load times -- which many "responsive sites" currently experience. Nowadays, a slow loading site on mobile can hurt you in Google search, because of how many people are now on mobile (more on this below).

I can re-code your web design (producing a fast loading site on desktop and mobile browsers) measured by GTMetrix.com and Google's Speed Page Test Tool.

Final product is a vastly superior website (over your competition) that can rank high in search (for more reasons I explain on this page) and make your company money.

Save Money on SEO and Responsive Web Design

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Absolute Mortgage JoinAbsolute.com

"I find Ken to be very customer oriented. He is available and quick to respond to our needs. I have worked with Ken on various web projects over the past 4 or 5 years and would recommend him to others. He is innovative in his ideas, cost conscious and very trusted."

Eric Bolstad | MLO-61984
President, Absolute Mortgage Division
Absolute Mortgage
A division of Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corporation


With Several Years Experience in Search Engine Optimization, I Have Helped Several Sites Achieve Top Rankings in Google Search

Past and recent clients include:

AllStarTransfer.com and CarefulMovers.net

All Star Movers


SEO and Content Development for a Seattle Mover
Lake Union Movers -- Currently developing several pages of content to help this moving company rank high in Google. Check back to see where we are in the coming weeks -- goal is a top Google ranking. (Update: Site is now at the #4 spot in Google for "Seattle movers", a fast achievement in a market with high competition).

SEO and Content Development for a Web Design Company
Spokane CDA Web Design -- Currently developing several pages of content to help Aviso Media's "sister" company get launched in Spokane - Coeur d'Alene and surrounding areas where we are offering professional web design services, seo consulting, logo design, and print design.

SEO and Web Design for a Bellevue Mortgage Company
SantaDanMortgage.com -- Brand new site just launched for a Bellevue mortgage broker and in the early stages of SEO.

SEO and Web Design for a Coeur d'Alene Diving Contractor
CDADiveWorx.com -- Web site still under design and then undergoing SEO development for a Coeur d'Alene scuba diver serving CDA, Spokane, Bayview, Sandpoint and lakes throughout the region.


SEO and Content Development for a California MMA Gym
DynamicMMAOnline.com - "RESPONSIVE" WEBSITE OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE - #1 (SEO) ranked in Google for "Modesto MMA" & "Modesto Mixed Martial Arts". Fast-load times reported by GTMetrix.com and Google's Speed Page Test Tool.


AvisoMedia.com - "RESPONSIVE" WEBSITE OPTIMIZED FOR MOBILE - #1 (SEO) ranked in Google for "Washington State Web Design" & "Everett Web Design".


Naval Station Everett, U.S. Navy, NWJots.com

"Ken Wilson at Aviso Media created a top-flight web site for the Navy Region Northwest Reserve Component Command. I needed a web site to publish training symposium information, take registrations, and manage training attendee information. Ken carefully listened to all my requirements and advised on the best site design and functionality to meet my mission requirements. I appreciated Ken's collaborative creation process and his careful consideration of my input. Ken's finished web site captured outstanding visual quality with superb functionality and ease of use. Additionally, Ken provided thorough follow-on support to revise content as needed in a prompt fashion. I whole-heartedly recommend Ken Wilson and Aviso Media to anyone needing a web site solution."

Chris Stevens, Commander, United States Navy


Salt of the Earth Food Bank, SaltoftheEarthFoodBank.org

"Ken Wilson has been an asset to our organization from the first day we met. He is truly a delight to work with. He is a self motivated, organized, web developer and designer. He has a great ability to problem solve, coming up with great ideas, suggestions, and is not beyond rolling up his sleeves and helping any way he can. He has maintained our site and adjusted where and when needed. He does his work in a timely fashion and meets all deadlines. Ken has even volunteered to pass out fliers and work in our Soup Kitchen. I find Ken very qualified in his skills, and pleasant to work with. He has worked with us for approx. 4 1/2 years. He is in the process of doing our Facebook account. I would not hesitate a moment to hire him or depend on his skills to get the job done. If you have any question please feel free to call me Sandra at (425) 355-1042."

Sandra Richards, President
Salt of the Earth Food Bank


Joe Drazich, DrazichGrafix.com

"Ken Wilson with Avisomedia.com has been a great partner and asset to Drazichgrafix.com over the last few years. We have worked on multiple projects together and he has always been very fast with turnaround times and very professional when dealing with any of our clients website programming needs. We would recommend Ken Wilson and Avisomedia.com to any business that is needing website creation or updates."

Joe Drazich / Drazich Grafix


Higher Numbers of People on Mobile Devices - Does Your Site Load Fast on Mobile?

If not, you are in trouble nowadays. A growing number of people access the web from mobile phones. You can easily lose 35% or more of your business from the web if your site has not been mobile optimized. If your site does look good on smaller screens, but loads slowly (measured in split-seconds), you are also in trouble. Every day your slow loading mobile site can be costing you customers. A lot of people won't stick around on Wi-Fi and / or mobile devices for slow, clunky websites to load.

Because of that, you can also start seeing drops in Google search rankings, as Google sees more of its mobile traffic choosing competitor sites over your site, simply because your site has not been mobile optimized.

Re-Code Your Website to Load Fast and Look Great on Mobile Devices

With fast loading and clean responsive CSS coding I, can ensure your site loads quickly and looks great on mobile devices. My latest coding techniques are producing extremely fast loading websites on both desktops and mobiles.

Google's Speed Page Test Tool rates many of my newest responsive sites at nearly 100/100 for speed and also 100/100 for loading the correct screen dimensions for mobile. Call today for a free consultation and I can show you examples.

Other web designers may promise you a responsive website, but they might not come close to my fast page load times analyzed in detail by sites like Google's Speed Page Test Tool (mobile browsers) and GTMetrix.com (for desktop browsers).
How Fast Are Your Competitors Sites? How Fast is Your Site?

Do a test with Google's Speed Page Test Tool. How fast are your competitors web sites? How fast is your website? Are you falling behind in Google search? I can help change that and give you a big jump on your competitors who may be several months away yet from true mobile optimization.

Save Money on SEO and Responsive Web Design with Aviso Media

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