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Today's SEO Calls for Fast-Loading Responsive CSS Coding Measured in Split-Seconds.

Due to the amount of web usage from mobile phones, for your site to be competitive in today's search engine rankings means your site needs to load extremely fast -- measured in split-seconds -- and that means your site's coding needs to be finely tuned using strategic techniques for increasing page load time in several ways within the code, within your server, and even how your images may be formatted. It is tedious work calling for a strategic approach. The payoff can be enormous though, if it takes you to the top of Google search rankings.

How to Boost Your Site's Rankings in Google

Search Engine Marketing in 2017 - Don't Get Penalized in Google

Aviso Media can give you a great design and help you maximize the business potential of your website by incorporating proven SEO methods that focus on pulling readers into a page, and then converting them into buyers or subscribers, rather than the spammy methods of increasing page rank, which nowadays can get you banned in search engines like Google.
The first impression you give to potential customers who visit your site is important. Especially when it comes to SEO -- being found in major search engines.
Most Sites Have Not Yet Mobile Optimized
... And those sites that are "responsive", still load slowly, and a lot of sites will fail to display in time on a mobile phone. What happens on a slow load time? Mobile users hit the back button, and your site misses the opportunity to turn that user into a customer.
A second consequence -- Google gives your site ZERO seconds for page read time, and that can have a negative effect on your search engine rankings. And that's just one user. Now imagine several people every week failing to access your site due to it's lack of mobile optimization and or it's extremely slow load time or even failure to load at all in time to grab a user's attention.
Expanding Your Website's Reach with Conversion Optimization
What service does your business peform that typically makes you the most money? Or, what service attracts the highest paying customers? This is an area I can promote on your website. I can target the areas most profitable to your business and then use search engines to bring the customers.

Save Money on SEO and Responsive Web Design with Aviso Media

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